1. How Many Times The Child Sneezed, And Opened His Eyes?
  2. The Daughter Of Omri King Of Israel ?
  3. “Thou Shalt Not Smite Them: Wouldest Thou Smite Those Whom Thou Hast Taken Captive With Thy Sword And With Thy Bow?” ….Who Said This To The King Of Israel?
  4. Son Of Jehoshaphat King Of Judah ?
  5. Abana And Pharpar Were The Rivers Of Which Place ?
  6. Servant Of Elisha ?


  1. The King Of Syria ?
  2. In Which Land The Shunammite Woman Went With Her Household, And Sojourned For Seven Years ?
  3. Son Of Jehoram ?
  4. Who Reigned In Stead Of Benhadad After His Death ?
  5. Son Of Ahab The King Of Israel?
  6. Captain Of The Host Of The King Of Syria ?



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