Nerveedhi-2017 Answers Vol-8

Chapters:- 2 SAMUEL 16-21


  1. Who thought to have slay David with a new sword,at the war against Philistines?
  2. "Come then over with me, and I will feed thee with me in Jerusalem "to whom the king David said this?
  3. Son of Barzillai?
  4. Who slew Saph,which was of the sons of the gaints?
  5. Absalom made whom as captain of his host instead of Joab?
  6. Daughter of Aiah?


  1. Son of Jehoiada?
  2. Son of Gera?
  3. Son of Nahash?
  4. Son of Bichri?
  5. Servant of Mephibosheth?
  6. Who hanged himself,when he saw his counsel was not followed ?

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