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Vol-12 Ref:-Chapters: 1 CHRONICLE 1-5 CHAPTERS(KJV Bible).
Last Submission Date 31-12-2018 till 12 pm.


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  1. The Firstborn Of Ephratah ?
  2. Mother of onan,who was the daughter of............?
  3. How Many Sons For Shimei ?
  4. The Firstborn Josiah ?
  5. “Oh That Thou Wouldest Bless Me Indeed, And Enlarge My Coast, And That Thine Hand Might Be With Me, And That Thou Wouldest Keep Me From Evil, That It May Not Grieve Me!” Who Called On The God Of Israel And Said This ?
  6. Father of Mareshah ?
  7. What Was The Name Of Hadad’s City ?


  1. Who Reigned In Stead Of Jobab After His Death ?
  2. The Firstborn Of David In Ahinoam ?
  3. Father of Asareel ?
  4. Son Of Bedad ?

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